What are the Benefits of a Mixer Grinder & Slow Juicer?

A mixer grinder is a highly versatile appliance that can be used for different processing needs. A slow juicer is specifically designed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables and helps retain most of the nutrients.

You will need different types of small appliances in your kitchen. A slow juicer and a mixer grinder are a recommended addition for your daily needs. Both have their unique set of uses and benefits. This guide explains the features and benefits of these two types of kitchen appliances.

Benefits of Mixer Grinders

There are many reasons why everyone likes to search for a mixer grinder online. Some of the main benefits of these appliances include the following.


You can use the best mixer grinder for processing a variety of food items. Use it for:

  • Chop food items
  • Grind meat or nuts
  • Whip milk shakes
  • Whip liquids for making ice cream

It is also versatile therefore it can be used for different food preparation methods. You can use it for mixing liquids or whipping or even for kneading dough. Herbs and spices can be chopped or meat can be ground for creating sausages or burger patties. Other different types of food preparation processes include slicing, mashing or dicing food items.

Ease of Use

Another advantage of getting yourself a mixer grinder online is that it is easy to use. You can complete different types of food processes with utmost ease. There are different types of blades and accessories that allow you to complete different food preparation processes.

More Powerful & Higher Quality Motor

The latest mixer grinders feature powerful and high quality motors that operate with higher reliability. You can use them for continuous operation for several minutes without any issues, thus lasting longer. The more you are able to grind, the more you can cook. This means that high quality mixer grinders help increase overall efficiency.

Benefits of Slow Juicers

There are a few good reasons why the slow fruit juicer has become so popular. It is also referred to as the cold press juicer and is relatively newer in the industry. It works by crushing fruits and vegetables to extract the juice. This type of juicer doesn’t produce any heat during the process and this helps ensure that most of the nutrients remain intact.

Some of the main benefits of using a slow juicer are as following:

  • It retains most of the nutrients present in the ingredients.
  • It can process green leafed vegetables with high level of efficiency.
  • It is excellent for processing nuts and preparing items like almond milks.
  • It is designed for silent operation.

More Nutrients

A cold compression juicer can produce more pulp and juice because it uses the screw mechanism. According to studies, you will be able to get 30% to 40% more juice using the cold compression method. This juicing takes place at low or normal temperature, so you are able to preserve the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes present in fruits and vegetables. Even though the slow juicer price is relatively higher, it makes more sense due to the benefits it can offer.

Freshly prepared juice is much more beneficial. It serves the true purpose of juicing and is considered better in improving your health. When you are able to retain most of the nutrients in the fruit or vegetable, you will gain more health benefits every time you drink the juice. It is recommended to include both types of appliances in your home because they are required for different types of food processing functions. There are different cold juicer and mixer grinder price available in the market, so choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

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