What are the Benefits & Features of Best Induction Cookers?

There are many reasons why induction cookers have gained so much popularity within a short span of time. Today you can easily buy induction cooktops online that offer speed and ease of cooking, are much safer, and offer precision control over the cooking temperature. And these appliances also offer high energy efficiency, allowing you to save on electricity bills while being able to get more hours of usage. Here are 3 big reasons why you should choose induction cookers for your home and the key features to look for the best cooktops.

Advantages of Using Induction Cooktops

The most important reasons why you should be using these kitchen appliances are as following:

  1. Faster Cooking

Induction cooktops heat up the vessels faster, allowing you to cook food in lesser amount of time. The reason is that these cookers induce heat directly in the utensil and don’t produce flames or use electric burner for the purpose. So whether you have a small or large family, these you can buy induction cooker to ensure that your food is prepared in a shorter period of time.

  1. Control over Cooking

Precision control over cooking time and temperature is another reason for choosing these appliances. Some of the best induction cooktops come with up to 8 different cooking modes that control power and temperature settings. There is higher precision control over heat, the temperature can be increased as per cooking needs, and the appliance offers better performance across all heat settings. Whether you want to just warm food or cook it at high temperatures, you can do all with this appliance.

  1. Safer to Use

Another reason for using induction cookers is the safety they offer. It heats up the pan and there is no hot surface that can cause burns. So when you are working with this appliance, there are lesser chances of coming in contact with a hot surface. There are no flames either, which means there is no risk of fire.

Induction cooktops are also portable and can be carried anywhere. All they will need is a power outlet. The cooking surface is also easier to clean, thus reducing the maintenance needs.

Key Features of Best Induction Cooktops

When looking for the best induction cookers, you should look for the power configuration, preset cooking options, and several other features. These appliances are usually available with power consumption ratings of 1600W, 1900W and 2000W. You should choose the right one based on your family size and cooking needs. Some of the other key features of the best cooktops include the following:

  • Pre-Set Functions: You can find Induction cookers that feature 8 intelligent cooking options based on temperature and power settings. This makes cooking much simpler.
  • Preset Timer: Some of the best ones come with up to 3 hours of preset timer. You can set the induction cooker to cook food at a specific temperature for a fixed time and focus on other chores.
  • Auto Pan Detection: High quality cooktops would automatically switch off if the pan is removed, thus providing safety and efficiency.

Look for an induction cooktop that features LED display that provides you information about the temperature and timer settings. Besides, there are many other points beyond the induction cooktop price. So keep all these points in mind when checking different models so that you can get the right cooktop to address your needs with convenience and speed.

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