Adopt The Best Career With These Industrial Training Courses

Graduation is a journey for students which they undertake in an effort to learn more about their favourite subjects. They hardly ever think about what career to take up later on. Consequently it is only after they are out of college that they start thinking about getting a job and find themselves having to face stiff competition from their peers. Hence they need to get that extra edge in competency which will help them stand up to this competition.

Thus Industrial training courses have been so designed to be able to produce technically competent manpower who will be an asset to the industry where they are employed. Hence graduates opting for these courses gain that extra edge which helps them to easily combat all competition successfully and get a lucrative job.

There are also instances wherein students are forced to drop out of school because of various socio-economic causes. These students can opt for courses designed to impart various types of training and expertise in several technical fields. Thus these courses provide these students an opportunity to be gainfully employed and earn their living respectfully.

There are various types of courses that are offered by industrial training institutes. Some of these courses are post-secondary school courses while others that are approved by AICTE offer diploma engineering courses too. Hence these courses offer proficiency in both engineering and non-engineering trades like:

  • Polytechnic courses: There are various types of diploma engineering courses offered by these institutes like Mechanical Engineering Courses, civil engineering courses, electrical engineering courses etc. Students can enrol in these courses by successfully appearing for the entrance exams held for the same provided they fulfil the educational criteria set by the polytechnic colleges of Delhi. These courses are generally of 3 years duration.
  • Craftsmen training schemes: These courses generally range between 6 months to even 2 years and impart hands-on training with certifications in different trade specialities. These are all post-secondary school courses and students need to have passed a minimum of 8th standard to be eligible for these courses. Some of these courses pertain to:
    • Building maintenance,
    • Mechanics,
    • Sanitary hardware fitters,
    • Carpenters,
    • Goldsmiths,
    • Masons,
    • Painters,
    • Physiotherapists,
    • Electricians etc.

In fact students can also opt for further training in any of the trades falling under the purview of this scheme. Hence a student wanting to become a car mechanic can further obtain excellence in Automation courses in Delhi.

  • Apprenticeship training courses: These courses are for those people who want to take-up apprenticeship training in the relevant industry. These courses can be taken up both by ITI pass outs, for whom the duration is of 1 year generally, and freshers for whom the duration is about 3 years. These trainees are all paid a monthly stipend to help them sustain themselves during the duration of their training.

Industrial Training Courses or courses offered by Industrial training institutes are of great help especially in a place like Delhi, where stiff competition prevails along with a demand for skilled technicians. These courses offer a great opportunity to students who want to earn gainful employment in a respectable place.

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