5 Things to Look Out For When You Buy a Geyser

Water heaters or geysers are useful indeed. While purchasing these appliances, one has to check out features like safety, longevity, looks, cost-effectiveness and capacity to ensure optimum returns.

Imagine a chilly morning without a Geyser. You would end up shivering, especially when it comes to taking a bath or washing vegetables. Water heaters have long been the companion during winters and extreme weather conditions. The good news is, you can now buy the best water heaters from the top brands at reasonable prices online. However, you should be aware of its safety, cost-effectiveness, space consumption and other factors. Scroll down to know what exactly your choice should be like.

Make sure that the geyser is safe

Purchasing an electrical appliance without going through the safety measures is dangerous. When you buy a geyser online, look at the safety features that they carry. For instance, it is safe to buy one with flame out protection and double solenoid valve. These features may push up the price a bit, but remember, it is an investment, whose benefit you are going to reap over the years.

Looks matter, too

Never be carried away by the thought that you will hide your geyser in a corner of your washroom, so you need not pay attention to the looks. Sleek and slim-designed geysers occupy less space. In case you are looking for the best geyser in India in terms of look and price, you simply need to visit the online sites and get your product customized. You may be looking for a gas water geyser or simply a storage water geyser. In any case, big and bulky appliances will mess up with your space.


When you are planning to buy a geyser, make it a cost-effective asset. Keeping in mind the electricity bills you need to shell out every month, it is wise to buy a water heater with low power consumption. The loyal brans aim to produce the best products, with increased efficiency. The metallic coils that heat up the water are technically upgraded in these appliances, so that you can keep your electric bills within control.


Depending on your requirement, the capacity of the geysers needs to be decided. Well, you can go for a tankless geyser, as they are more efficient and saves your money in the long run. However, the initial payment for the best water heater in India is high in these cases, as they cost more than the ones with tanks. For tankless models, the ventilation space and electrical outlets need considerably more space. All these factors, coupled with your budget, should be assessed before you finally buy the model.


Longevity of the product is another key factor guiding your purchase decision. The best water heater brands deliver superb products. When you go to the official website, you will find the ratings and reviews, so you can compare between two closely competing models. In general, a geyser lasts for more than 15 years.

Hopefully, you will be able to choose the right model as per your needs and budget. The leading brands offer a lot of flexibility in features as well as pricing. Make sure you do not miss out checking any of these features when you buy a geyser.

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