5 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Washing Machine

If you are planning to buy a new washing machine online, hold your decision for a few minutes. A washing machine can be useful to you only when you give it the proper environment to function seamlessly. Apart from saving your labour, it cuts down time. However, you should be knowing that certain specifications guide the choice of every electrical appliance. A washing machine is no exception. Read on to know the must-have features before buying the washing machine.

Customized wash settings

Whether you are buying a fully automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic washing machine online, the wash settings should entitle you with enough flexibility. Certain delicate clothes need care, and you should be able to control the wash mode. For instance, the leading brands in the market enable the users to switch to the ‘gentle wash’ mode while washing delicate clothes.

Tub material

Well, the cost factor playing a key role in your purchase decision, the tub material should be selected accordingly. They are generally manufactured from enamel, stainless steel or plastic. The prices of washing machines depend on this material, like stainless steel tubs cost the most and the ones with enamel tubs cost the least. However, the durability factor should also be kept in mind when you buy the washing machine. The ones available at low prices are likely to have a shorter life as compared to others.

Spin cycle

When you are buying a washing machine online, the best advantage is that you can compare between two models. You can view the washing machine with price and features instantly. For instance, you may want to dry the clothes faster. In this case, opt for a washing machine with a higher spin cycle. It means that the revolutions per minute (rpm) will be higher. This has to be adjusted as per the nature of clothes. Hardy clothes can withstand an rpm of 1000, whereas delicate clothes can withstand 300 to 500 rpm. The prices also vary with these features.

Pre-soak and time delay

Most of the new models of washing machine are installed with the time-delay feature. It enables the user to keep the washing machine loaded and delay the start. As a result, the clothes can soak for a certain amount of time. The machine will get automatically started at the desired hours.

Fuzzy logic

This is the in-built ability of the washing machine to detect the nature of clothes according to their texture, weight and other specifications. Having detected these features, they incorporate the ideal washing conditions in an automated manner. The amount of detergent and water required, time to wash the clothes and other factors are optimized by the washing machine. Thus, the user need not be concerned over these issues.

The best option is to compare between the washing machine new models from the leading brands and choose the one which suits your budget as well as requirements. You can choose according to colour specifications as well. In a nutshell, make a wise purchase decision to reap the benefits over the years to come.


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