5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Juicer Mixer Grinder

There are different factors to be considered when choosing a juice mixer online. This includes the juicer mixer grinder’s design, number of jars, modes, safety, and brand value.

Whether it’s about replacing that old juicer mixer grinder or getting your first JMG, these new processors are much more advanced than earlier. Just a few years ago, all these units looked and worked almost the same way. Today, they have many more features and make juicing, mixing and grinding easier and more fun. So if you are going shopping for juice mixer online, make sure to consider the following factors to get yourself the best unit.

1. Design

There is the slim tower design that can be perfect for your little home and family. The L-shaped JMG is also considered ideally suited for small families. The more elaborate designs have better juicing features and are perfect for those who want to enjoy their fruit and veggie juice more often. A slim-tower unit is however easier to clean.

When it comes to juicer mixer grinder prices, you should expect the simpler and leaner design to cost less. It will also take lesser space. Some types of JMGs can also feature oil dispenser so that jars can be greased for preventing food from sticking.

Also consider the type of switch you want to have in the JMG. The two commonly available switch types include the piano and rotary switches. Most of the mixer grinders have piano-like switches. However, the knob dial keys can also offer lots of convenience when using the juicer mixer grinder.

2. Number of Jars

This is an important factor to consider when you buy mixer online. Most of the mixer grinders have at least 2 jars. You should choose a JMG based on your needs. If you prepare more variety of dishes, you will need a unit that has more number of jars for extra functions.

3. Advanced Modes

Some JMGs come with the Incher/Pulse mode feature to make it easier to prepare the exact type of food you want. You can use the mode to process delicate food. The mixer grinder is suited for processing items like tomatoes and boiled eggs. When you process these types of food items in a typical JMG, it will smoothen the food. The incher/pulse mode will help you achieve the desired results.

4. Safety

Make sure to look for a juice mixer online that features a reliable locking mechanism. It shouldn’t work until the lids have been properly locked. Evaluate the safety features of the JMG before choosing it. There are many other safety concerns such as earthing and the use of high quality power cables. One way to avoid these hazards is to choose a reputable and proven brand that has passed all the mandatory safety tests.

5. Brand & After Sales Service

Features are not the only factors you should consider when you buy mixer online. While the JMG should have all the features you need, it must be from a reputed brand that provides excellent after-sales service. A little research and checking user reviews about a product can help you make an informed buying decision. Check the availability of customer support numbers, local service centers, and spare parts.

So consider all these factors when choosing the right type of juicer mixer grinder for yourself. The juicer mixer price will increase as the number of features increase. However, it makes more sense in making a sound investment in a JMG that will last longer.

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