5 Factors for Choosing the Best Air Purifier Brands

When looking for an air purifier for your home, you should look at more than the air purifier brands available. Consider whether your priority is a purifier for smoke, allergens, dust or pollen or all of them. While some systems are designed with air filters for removing specific types of contaminants, some of these units are much more advanced for removing most of the health concerns. So how to choose the best system for your home? Consider the following factors.

  1. Consider the Clean Air Delivery Rate

Clean air delivery rate is the basic standard for all air purifier brands. It is a measure of the air volume that it can clean of a pollutant within one hour. You should choose a purifier with higher clean air delivery rate for higher air cleaning efficiency.

There is another standard, the cubic feet per minute or CFM. It refers to the volume of air flowing through the unit per minute. You should again choose a system with higher CPM value. Look for anything that has higher than 350 CPM.

  1. Activated Carbon

When you buy room air purifier online make sure it makes use of activated carbon. This is important for filtering out toxic gases like:

  • Smoke from cigarettes
  • Volatile organic compounds or VOCs
  • Odors
  • Wide range of gases

This type of filter will adsorb the gases by attaching the gas molecules to the carbon. It is capable of catching tinier particles that other types of filtration systems cannot. Typically the zeolite mineral is used for the purpose. It can also remove carbon monoxide, ammonia, and formaldehyde from your home’s interior air.

  1. Size

You should also determine the air purifier’s size based on the total square feet in your home. You can simply measure the length and breadth to calculate the area. Most air purifiers are available with a suggested square feet cover. If you skip this factor, you could get yourself a system that is not capable of matching your home’s requirement.

  1. Features

You should also compare different air purifiers for the types of features required. When you evaluate the different air purifier brands, you will learn about what each one of them has to offer. Some of these features can include the following:

  • Digital control
  • Multi-speed fan
  • Programmable timer
  • Filter-change indicator
  • Air quality sensor
  • Remote control

You can thus have a system that offers much more control and convenience over air purification.

  1. Warranties

This is a basic factor that should be taken into account when choosing any kind of appliance or gadget. You should buy air purifier online with longer comprehensive warranty. This will mean that you are getting an air purification system with more reliability. Make sure that the warranty covers the motor and fan parts.

With air pollution levels increasing at a staggering rate, a high quality air purification system can help keep your loved ones safer. Make sure to consider the above-mentioned factors when you choose an air purifier. It will be best to choose a system with the ability to filter most types of substances. Although air purifier prices are important, they should be taken as secondary factors when evaluating the right systems.

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