4 Most Common Types of Ceiling Fans

There are 4 commonly used types of ceiling fans. Make sure to know the features and benefits before you buy ceiling fans. These different options are the standard, low-profile, dual-motor, and outdoor ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans have always been valued for their practical application. It is not just their functional aspect that is beneficial, modern designs can also make a ceiling fan an aesthetic addition to your home. If you buy ceiling fans, they can keep you comfortable through summer and also reduce the need for cooling systems that increase your electricity bills. When it comes to choosing the perfect ceiling fans for your home or workplace, you should consider much more than the colors and style. There are so many types of fans available in the market, most people don’t know about the different options.

There are different types of ceiling fans and they vary in terms of where you can use them – indoors or outdoors, and how much humidity you have in your area. Here are the 4 commonly used fans you should know about before choosing the right one.

1. The Standard Ceiling Fan

This is the most commonly used ceiling fan in homes. These fans are valued for their versatility. You can use these fans almost anywhere, not only due to the functionality but also because of the variety in style. Most of the available ceiling fans online are standard fans and you can choose a style and color that perfectly fits into your home décor.

Standard ceiling fans can be easily recognized by their down-rod. They can be mounted on both flat and sloped ceiling. Before you choose this type of fan, make sure that the ceiling height is minimum 8 feet. It is not recommended to use in rooms with lower ceilings.

2. The Low Profile Ceiling Fan

If you don’t have high ceilings in your home, you should be using the low-profile ceiling fan. It is also referred to as a flush-mount or hugger fan. Unlike the standard fan, there is no down-rod here. It is directly installed on the mounting bracket and this means that the blades remain close to the ceiling.

Due to the absence of big gap between the blades and ceiling, low-profile ceiling fans don’t produce much air. However, you can buy ceiling fans with such design if your goal is to move the cold or hot air in the room. So this type of fan can be used to supplement the air conditioner or heater.

3. The Dual-motor Ceiling Fan

Dual-motor ceiling fans are not as commonly used. It features two motors. The mechanical design features a central motor housing with two roads. Each one of the rods features a fan head. The two fan heads can be spun at different speeds. The advantage of such a unique design is that it can circular air over a larger area. Therefore, you are more likely to see these fans in public places. These fans are also more decorative.

4. The Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The standard ceiling fan or the low-profile ceiling fan cannot be used outdoors. When ceiling fan spins, it has to push much more than just the air. It also comes in contact with humidity and this can deteriorate its condition in the long term. This is why you will need specialized types of ceiling fans designed for use outdoors. These fans are referred to as outdoor damp and wet rated ceiling fans. Outdoor fans have blades that can be used in all types of weather conditions. And the motor is enclosed in a special moisture-resistant housing.

These are the 4 most commonly used types of ceiling fans. When you consider checking ceiling fan price in India, make sure to choose the right fan based on your needs.

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