The field of medicine is one of the most important professions today since it pertains to human life. Hence it is necessary for not only all people associated with it to be honest and sincere in their work, they also need to be bound by certain rules and regulations. There are actually three very important things associated with the well-being of a patient which need to be properly regulated. They are:

  • Ensuring the integrity of the medical practitioner by binding them with certain rules and regulations. In fact the implementation of these rules and regulations is beneficial both to the medical practitioner and the patients because it:
    • Helps to almost eliminate instances of malpractice and
    • Also helps to protect the doctor in case of a genuine human error.

In the first instance, the doctor is sued and necessary actions taken based on the intensity of the malpractice committed, if the doctor is found to be guilty of the same after a fair hearing. In the second instance it helps to protect the doctor from claims and litigations which might be brought forth by the relatives of the aggrieved patient.

  • Purchase and use of proper devices and equipments. Another factor which plays an important role in ensuring good medical aid and helps medical practitioners to diagnose and treat diseases properly is the availability of proper equipments. This is again regulated by the Medical Device Regulation India. Crucial factors which are regulated by these rules are :
    • Manufacture of these devices and equipments so that substandard materials are not used and accuracy is maintained so as to eliminate chances of error when performing tasks crucial to the well-being of the patient,
    • Import of medical devices is properly and legally done with all the necessary Medical Equipment Registration papers in place,
    • Sale of these devices is done in the right manner by fixing the price of the equipment and ensuring that essential equipments remain affordable for the proper diagnosis and treatment of the patients and
    • Distribution of the same is done in a manner such that critical equipments and devices reach every part of the country so as to ensure proper treatment and maintenance of good health for all the citizens of the country.

Regulating the policies and rules for these three important factors is the work of the government by the general public too needs to be aware of the same. It is only if the government, the people associated with the medical profession and the general public co-operate that India can become disease free and healthy.

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